ALLSTARS! Performing Arts Program
for ages 3-14 years

Tiny Tunes! ALLSTARS! Performing Program is an acting, singing and performing program for children ages 3-14 years.  There are different levels of classes based on your child's age.  The youngest groups learn the basics of singing in an intimate class setting and prepare for a final performance at the end of the session.  As children grow they learn more advanced singing technique and acting skills.  Older students are given solos to sing, lines to learn and help with sets, props and costumes.  There are 5 sessions throughout the year and each session has a unique theme, such as Broadway, Disney, Pop Music, Holiday Songs and more!  Children are invited to join at any age and grow their confidence and talents with us!

Pre-registration is required for ALLSTARS! classes and space is limited so please CALL for session info, pricing and availability.

       ALLSTARS! Performing Arts Classes and Schedules       


Superstars!                 Ages: 3-5 yrs              Tuition: $275

Superstars! learn 5-6 songs over the course of each session. Each class is 45 minutes. They learn to warm up their voices, rehearse their songs, and perform a solo for their classmates. They prepare for a show at the end of the session when they sing all the songs as a group and then each child has the opportunity to perform a solo on stage with a microphone!

Class times:   Tuesday 10:15 & 4:00, Wednesday 10:15, Thursday 11:15 & 3:45, 4:30, Friday 10:15, Saturday 10:00

Session 1 September-October Disney Hits
Session 2 November- December Holiday Classics
Session 3 January-February Oldies
Session 4 March-April Kidz Bop
Session 5 May-June Broadway

Star Troopers!             Ages: 5-6 yrs                      Tuition: $300

Star Troopers prepare for a short show. They receive a script the second week of class specially written for their class. They all have a few lines, the chance to do a short solo, and they learn the basics of putting on a show.

Class times: Monday 3:45-5:00 & Wednesday 3:45-5:00, Thursday 3:45-5:00

Session 1 September-October The Wizard of OZ
Session 2 November-December Holiday Show
Session 3 January-February       Rock of Ages/School of Rock/Camp Rock
Session 4 March-April       TBD
Session 5 May-June       TBD

Acting Allstars!   Grades: 1-4                Tuition: $300

This first level of Acting Allstars receive a more advanced original script. They have more songs, longer solos, choreography, more lines, and are given more advanced stage direction. They focus on character development and working together as a team to put on a longer show.

Class times: Monday 3:45-5:00pm  & Tuesday 3:45-5:00pm

Session 1 September-October Grease
Session 2 November-December A Christmas Story: The Musical    
Session 3 January-February Greatest Showman
Session 4 March-April TBD
Session 5 May-June TBD

Advanced Acting Allstars! Grades: 4-8                Tuition: $325

This more advanced Acting Allstars receives a significantly longer script. They rehearse for 10 weeks to prepare for a show filled with stage direction, choreography, deeper characters, lots of props, more lines, and full solos. These classes do shows with very mature music, but all songs are edited to be appropriate for their age. This means they get to learn music from shows that children don't often get to sing. 

Class times:  Wednesday 3:30-5:00

Session 1 September-December      Greatest Showman
Session 2 January-March      Wicked* (Only on Wednesdays)
Session 3 March-May      You're a Good Man Charlie Brown (Wednesday)
Session 4 May-June              TBD

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