At Tiny Tunes! we believe in the POWER of music and its effects on children of all ages.  Music is proven to enhance a child's life from birth.  It affects brain development, strengthens gross motor skills, teaches rhythm, coordination, teamwork and listening skills, it builds confidence and accelerates language development.  There are so many positive reasons to expose your child to music...join us today and discover music's effect on your child.


Live Music Education
and home of the 
ALLSTARS! Performing Program


Live Music Program 
45 minutes of live music for children ages 3 months to 3 years old. Each class has a pianist and a teacher singing the entire time. Children will explore 3 
boxes of instruments built for their little hands. We use music to teach movement, numbers, colors, letters, and so much more. Your child will gain so much confidence and develop a love of music.

These classes are sold in packages of 10 classes for $265. This program was created by busy moms for busy moms. We know flexibility is key. You own your 10 classes and your spot in your class. Our policy is just call or email if you can't make it and we won't sign you in. Please call (978) 475-3148 to register.
All Stars Performing Program
There are Stars! programs for children ages 3 years old to 14. Kids work to put on age appropriate shows on the stage at The Pike School. We want to make every kid feel like a star. Please check out the Stars! Program page for details on each age group. Our mission is confidence and teaching life skills through theater. 

Upcoming Stars' Performances
ll shows are at The Pike School in Andover
Tuesday, October 30th
Superstars Disney: 4:00 drop off, 4:15 show
Tuesday Grease Jr.: 5:00 drop off, 5:30 show

Thursday, November 1st
Monday Wizard of OZ: 4:00 drop off, 4:15 show
Thursday Wizard of OZ: 5:00 drop off, 5:15 show
Monday Grease Jr.: 6:00 drop off, 6:30 show

Friday, November 2nd
Superstars Disney: 4:00 drop off, 4:15 show
Wednesday Wizard of OZ: 5:00 drop off, 5:30 show

Tuesday, November 6th
Tuesday Greatest Showman: 3:45 drop off, 5:30 show

Wednesday, November 7th

Wednesday Greatest Showman: 3:45 drop off, 5:30 show

**Weather Cancellation Policy**
Morning classes follow Andover Public School's decision and afternoon classes will be decided by 12:00 that day. Please check our website for the most updated communication regarding snow cancellations. 
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