Live Music Education
and home of the 
ALLSTARS! Performing Program

Why is music important for my child???                    

Registering NOW for Infant/toddler Fall Classes, New Storytelling Class for ages 3-5 years, and Session 2 STARS! CLASSES for ages 3-14 years!!!!

Musical Storytelling!
This weeks story is Beauty and The Beast!
Thursday October 2 at 2:00pm

Call or email to register!

At Tiny Tunes! we believe in the POWER of music and its effects on children of all ages.  Music is proven to enhance a child's life from birth.  It affects brain development, strengthens gross motor skills, teaches rhythm, coordination, teamwork and listening skills, it builds confidence and accelerates language development.  There are so many positive reasons to expose your child to music...join us today and discover music's effect on your child.

Tiny Tunes! offers the highest quality 
music education for infants and toddlers.  We are also home to the popular Stars! Performing Program  for ages 3-14 years. 

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